Sunday, January 10, 2010

Put This One on Your Pile

This is a fabulous book and you should read it. All Things Considered interviewed the author a few weeks ago and I found it interesting. Click here to hear the interview. If you've read the book, what did you think?


Jenn Bennett said...

I love All Things Considered. It's one of my favorite things to listen to. I'm definitely putting this book on my library list. Thanks for sharing!

jen said...

I loved that book. Did you read Robin's copy? I think I read through that book in probably a few days/nights - extremely interesting perspective. I think most of the bookclubbers have read it by now. We should actually do a discussion one of these days! :)
PS - I wanted a sequel or an extended epilogue so we knew what happened to the characters. You know - what happened to Skeeter, what happened to the maids, what happened to the southern ladies?

tangles said...

I did borrow Robin's copy, but I may buy one of my own for a bookshelf one of these days. I really love the dialogue in this book and it was fun to listen to the author read an excert during the intereview. I would love to know what happened to Minny and Aibileen. You know Skeeter became a big time writer who could never look at chocolate pie the same way.

The Bearded Lady (Laura) said...

Oh my goodness!! I am a friend of Susie's and I saw your blog. TOO FUN! I LOOOOVVVEEEDDD, loved, loved this book!!! It took me 2 days! (Thankfully, I was bedridden by strep throat and had time to finish it!!)

I DEFINITELY wanted more too! I wanted more about Celia and Johnny, Skeeter, and the hopeful demise of Mrs. Hilly. The mark of a good book...makes you want more.

I just had to join in the love of this book! Have a wonderful day!!