Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Rehabing Ceder's Palace, Part 1

Craig and I have been uber busy on the house. Here are some pictures of this month's progress.

I've bagged many leaves this month but the big dump has not yet occurred. I'm going to be sad when the leaves fall.
This is the biggest project that Craig and I are working on right now. This is a section under the deck where we've sunk a hot tub and built a storage bench. Craig is in the process of hanging drywall and will soon install recessed lighting and in-wall speakers. We should be open for business by winter.
This picture was taken near the storage bench out into the backyard.

Our inside project is the living room. We've replaced the baseboards, hung crown molding, bought a new couch, and painted the lower portions of the room. Next step is to borrow a 25 ft. ladder from our neighbor and attack the upper sections.
We also had the fireplace cleaned.


jen said...

wow! it looks great! i look forward to trying out the hot tub... :)

Anonymous said...

Damn! You guys are WAY too handy. Can I hire you out?